7 Difficulties every chef faces on a daily basis

While being a chef would seem like a glamorous and easy job to you, in reality, it is far away from it

A chef is responsible for all the food in a restaurant and if any single thing goes wrong with the food, he/she is the first person to be blamed for it all. Still, think being a chef is easy?

Here are a few reasons which will show you why being a chef is not as easy as you think.

Maintaining a relationship

If you have decided to become a chef, then let me tell you straight up that all your personal relationships are doomed. You won’t have time for your family or friends anymore, let alone dating someone new.

When you are a chef you are always working and you rarely get any days off so when would you even get time to hang out with your folks or friends?

Being chef is hard and probably the hardest part about it is giving up all personal relationships for your dream of becoming a chef.

No holidays

This might seem a little harsh but it is true, you won’t get holidays. If you are just starting, it is even less likely that you can take any leaves.

There is always going to be tons of work in the kitchen, vegetables to chop and dishes to prepare and well you can’t just go about and take a leave in the middle of that now, can you?

So if you have planned to become a chef, make sure you know that you won’t be going for a trip or taking a casual leave for a long time to come.

Becoming a celebrity chef is hard

We all have seen a lot of celebrity chefs on TV and we aspire to become just like them but it is not easy. Most likely you won’t end up on TV and would be working in a shabby restaurant but don’t let that discourage you.

You are still doing what you love right? Someday, you will make it big but maybe it is just not today.

No sick days

You can’t get sick too. Yes, you heard me right. This profession doesn’t have time for a chef who gets sick and so, you better make sure that you remain healthy at all times.

You won’t be provided with any sick leave and chances are if you really do turn up sick, you might need to start looking for another job after it.

It’s more than just cooking

If you had some misconception about handling the kitchen duties from day one and cooking dishes and all from the start then let me burst your bubble right there.

Initially, you would be given a lot of small-time jobs like chopping vegetables or slicing dishes, something small and inconsequential. Only after you build up trust and shown your competency will you be allowed anywhere near the actual cooking area.

Long working hours

I am being honest with you here, being a chef means working long hours. You might end up working 12 hours a day and every day you would be too tired to do anything else.

Basically, your personal life doesn’t exist and you will be always working during the other time. Sometimes you might end up working for more than 12 hours if you end up covering for someone else, so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

Sudden Health Department check-ups

The constant threat to the health department doing their surprise checkup is really worrisome. You never know what they might find to indiscriminate your restaurant and you and well if you are the reason for getting a restaurant shut, you can say goodbye to your career as a chef, for good.

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