How to choose the Perfect Kitchen Faucet Filter

We all know that a good and functional kitchen requires a handy kitchen faucet to complete your kitchen interiors. Similarly, a good kitchen faucet without an equally efficient faucet filter is utterly useless and hence, one should take proper care when choosing the perfect kitchen faucet filter for their faucet.

There are several types of Kitchen faucet filters that you can consider for your faucet depending on the space and position. The first thing to decide upon would be if you want a kitchen faucet filter to be installed with the faucet itself or place it below the sink.

While the former will be easier to install, the later will help you in saving a lot of space. Once you have decided on this, you will need to look at other factors to make the final choice.


The first thing to consider would be your budget for the kitchen faucet filter. Make sure you don’t blindly buy an expensive filter thinking that it would be a better choice because sometimes a budget-friendly model happens to work better than an expensive one.

Also, avoid buying the filter from websites and other third-party vendors to avoid these middle-men costs. A filter installed directly with the kitchen faucet will cost you around $100-$125 whereas a filter attached below the sink would cost you somewhere around $145-$170.

This is because the former filter tends to reduce the water flow whereas the filter that is placed below the sink will provide you with a good water pressure. So, make sure you check out all the features and technology and then go for a filter which cost you less.


The main purpose of using a filter is to ensure that no harmful substances enter your water stream and contaminate it which might lead to various diseases. So, to protect yourself from consuming wrong water, you need to install a filter which makes it important to choose a filter that comes with the appropriate technologies.

The most important things to check out in a filter is that it should include a carbon and sub-micron!  filtration with ion exchange and should also contain a multimedia block.

If your filter doesn’t contain all this, then it is basically useless for you and it might as well be that you weren’t using a kitchen filter at all.


One of the most important things to check is the performance sheet of the filter’s company and then make a choice. You will need to ensure that your filter only removes the carcinogens and other harmful substances and leaves the important minerals intact in the water.

If your filter ends up removing everything good and bad, then it is a wrong fit and you would need to buy another one for your kitchen faucet.

Remember that one is more likely to fall ill by the consumption of bad water so don’t neglect this and make sure you get the right filter for your faucet.

How to choose the Perfect Kitchen Faucet Filter

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